Barc For Pets Partners With Bondi Behaviourist

Barc for Pets is very proud and excited to announce our official partnership with Bondi Behaviourist!
As leaders in the field of animal behaviour and psychology, we couldn’t think of a better collaboration! So, what does this mean for our clients and their pets?

Bondi Behaviourist is a Sydney based team that offers a range of services across the whole of Sydney and beyond. With home visits and working in your local environment as well as online coaching, webinars, group classes, puppy schools and a range of walking services.

"We believe that the quality of life for dog’s and their owners will improve with education on the mental, emotional and physical health of our dogs. If we understand their behaviour and how to train, then we can begin to help.

At Bondi Behaviourist, we aim to create a closer bond between you and your dog, helping rebuild any parts of the relationship that may have broken down.

Given that unwanted behaviour from our dog’s is mostly driven by stress, fear anxiety or frustration that emphasis should be put on understanding and meeting the mental health needs of our pet dogs to not only resolve these issues but be proactive in preventing them.

We believe that helping dog owners understand and communicate with their dogs is the key to helping their dog's live calm, happy and confident lives."

We came across Bondi Behaviourist by their new podcast which talks about all things dogs - check it out here.

How does this help you?

With the help and development from Bondi Behaviourist founder, Ian Shivers, we have developed and transformed the way we structure our programs and the way we provide our services to benefit the animals first and foremost. We have expensed our teams knowledge of key animal behaviour concepts and have worked tiresly to build a team dedicated to helping people in our community care for their pets.

We have strong beliefs that educating our clients and the dog owner community is a top priority of ours. Not only do we help people take care of their pets while they're away or working, we also educate owners to look after their pets more sufficiently. Ian is a wealth of knowledge and his practical experience provides groundbreaking methodologies that makes dog ownership so much easier for everyone, plus thousands of well balanced dogs. There are many misconceptions about our dogs and part of our mission is to re-educate and support dog owning families.

Some of the key developments from Barc for pets since partnering with Bondi Behaviourist include:

1. Introduction of a farm location for dogs to socialise, appropriately play, sniff, wander, spread out and relax. A place for absolute tranquillity without the noises and stress from the modern world that has caused widespread underlying anxiety in our dogs.

2. Calm down time in the car where everyone has their own space and is comfortably restrained.

3. Increased mental stimulation for the dogs to provoke thinking as opposed to more physical stimulation to get them running. A happy, healthy dog is not a tired dog. Just like us humans!

4. Introduction of scent gardens and scent work throughout our services + puzzles and tricks with food

5. Structured in home and out of home overnight minding with small and well known groups of dogs. We have scheduled out day and night time routines for the dogs that are tried and tested methods, built to ensure maximum love and security for your pets.

All of our services that we offer are built and tailored with a purpose, backed by science and behavioural understanding of our precious pets.

Our collaboration with Bondi behaviourist has allowed our business to grow and flourish, helping pets all over NSW and QLD. Our services are built to benefit the health and well-being of your pets, and to support our busy schedules simultaneously.

We receive ongoing training and support from the team at Bondi Behaviourist that helps us maintain, evolve and train our staff, be better, know more and help more people.

There are two excellent sources of information from Bondi Behaviourist delivered by Ian - “over-stimulation and exercising our dogs” and “dominance” I think are two core concepts that can be misunderstood and are key to helping our dogs live better lives (hint: the ball is not always the answer). I encourage everyone to take the time to listen to this podcast or YouTube clip.

Our message to you is this,

Rest and relaxation for your pets is ultimately the best thing they can do. Teaching your dogs to be calm and have enough rest (18 hours a day to be precise) will lay the foundation for a happy long term life together. Our services are designed and catered around this methodology. We individually cater to every single dog, we provide personalised pet care plans that are designed specifically for your pets, we are up to date and well informed on animal behaviour and psychology, pet first aid and most of all loving all the animals we care for as our own.

For any of our clients needing a bit of extra support for their pets, please feel free to reach out and we will organise a meeting with Ian.

Check out the team from Bondi Behaviourist here.

To learn more about them and their services, simply click here to visit their website!
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