Our Services

From immersive outdoor experiences to pampering spa sessions, each Barc For Pets activity will provide your dog with loving care, and the mental and physical stimulation they need.

Our overnight and holiday stays are offered in a nurturing and safe home-based environment with no more than three dogs at a time, so your pet will get the attention they deserve.

Or, if you have an elderly or special needs dog, our in-home pet sitting is the perfect alternative while you’re away. (We’ll even check your mail, water your lawn and care for your plants!)

Discover the Barc for Pets difference.

For Dogs
Structured exercise & fun activities
Social interaction with like-minded pet pals
Puppy Academy for pups 0-20 weeks old
Adult behavioural training and enrichment
Daily tick & health checks
Indulgent spa treatments*
*Wash, Tidy & Dry treatments available in Sydney only.
For Owners
Seamless onboarding
Expert nutrition coaching
Online educational resources
Full concierge service (pick-up & drop-off)
Photos & videos of outdoor experiences
VIP access to overnight services

Adult Dog Academy

The adult dog program is designed for the next phase after the Puppy Academy, don't worry though if you weren't lucky enough to attend the puppy academy you can still attend their adult dog version.

The adult dog academy is designed for all dogs big and small with varying energy, play styles and enrichment needs, that are 6 months of age and above. In our ADA our goal is to equip you with the tools and education for ongoing management of animal behaviour, routine enrichment programs to give you support during the busy work and school weeks and also as a safe place for overnight care should you head away with the family.

In our ADA we have programs to suit the needs of almost any dogs, we provide pan exclusive comprehensive solution to all of your urban dog ownership needs including
- Online digital learning programs
- Weekly Outdoor doggie day care trips
- Weekly walking Sniffaris with a group of like minded paws or individual walking
- Access to ethical overnight care 365 days per year

The Puppy Academy

The puppy Academy is one of the first of its kind in Australia offering a highly personalised experience with a combination of digital learning and in person socialisation sessions. Our PA aims to support you in all aspects of your puppies life by equipping you with the education and the tools you need to raise a confident happy puppy. Our training methods are 100% backed by science, and over 50 years of combined experience in the animal world.

Our PA is an intensive course run over an 8 week period including
- In person weekly enrichment sessions with our trainers to work through the weekly content of learning
- Access to world class trainers to provide 1/1 and group coaching training sessions
- Access to digital learning content to learn in your own hours
- All the products and pieces you will need throughout the 8 week training program
- 1/1 nutrition coaching to build out the dream diet specifically for your dog

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